I have decided to blog my ongoing work on my MA thesis. As with most graduate students, I'm sure, the whole thing is taking much longer than expected.

Monday, September 05, 2005

time flies when you have nothing to do!

On Wednesday, Montreal was hit by the after-shock of Katrina, the storm that destroyed New Orleans. In the pouring rain, I set out to go to UofM to deposit the 4 copies of my thesis. Since my deposit, I have already found 2 typos/mistakes in my thesis.

Pierre called to see how it felt to be "free."

On Wednesday night I went to a 5 à 7 with the Séville gang. Sylvain has found a new job so they were honouring his departure. Ben and I stayed until 12. I had one scotch too many and was sick in bed the next day until 2. Really, the only way to have me sleep in is a hangover.

I sent my thesis to Anne. She seemed to like it. I was a bit afraid that she would be offended, or just thought that I was all wrong. But no. Which is nice. I wonder what Djuna, if she were still alive today and if she would actually agree to read my thesis, would think of it. Grumpy old lady as she had become, she would probably just say it was badly written.

Friday and Saturday I was depressed. Just sad. Unexplainable. I saw Maïa & Mila Friday night, which was nice. Mila has already grown and she stares now! A child after my own heart :)

We went to the piknik electronik yesterday. That was nice. Going out, dancing outside in the setting sun. Mistress Barbara was spinning. She is a good DJ, pretty and smiling, taking pictures of the people dancing and smiling back at her.

I'm no longer sad, but there is this stretch of void laid out in front of me. Friends have written to me "Great! Now you're done and you'll have some time for yourself!" Except, I never really felt like I didn't have time for myself. I liked what I was doing, even if I was very stressed while doing it. Now, I don't really know what to do. All I know is that time will speed up and it will pass and eventually I'll look back and wonder what have I done with it. I bought myself a puzzle, and three books: Naipaul's "Beyond Belief," Eliot's "Middlemarch," and Malory's "La Morte Dathur." At noon I have a brunch with Carole, so I must get ready.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Patrick said...

"Great! Now you're done and you'll have some time for yourself!" Except, I never really felt like I didn't have time for myself.

Ok dabord. You'll have time for the buddies! Btw, Yulblog this wednesday ;)

10:14 p.m.

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