I have decided to blog my ongoing work on my MA thesis. As with most graduate students, I'm sure, the whole thing is taking much longer than expected.

Friday, September 16, 2005

11 days since my last post

And, as I predicted, I don't have much to show for them.

Last Thursday night a bunch of friends came out to have supper with us at a Salvadorian restaurant. It was a nice evening. And of course, I missed the Yulblog meet, which Pat reminded me the next day (or did I remember when I saw him??). On Friday, Ben and I went to Boston and Cape Cod. We stayed the first night at the 140 Hotel, the old YWCA. A good price, great location and very nice place, clean and quaint without being overly plush. The next morning we walked around Boston for 3 hours. It is a lovely city with a bunch of joggers! They were able to construct new around old without breaking any charm or having the buildings look out of place. A much prettier place then Montreal, though really not as multi-ethnic. Then, Cape Cod. We had supper in P Town and bought loads of salt water taffy (mmmmm). The next day we rented bikes to go to the beach. Monday morning we visited Harvard and I asked a few questions to the Comp Lit & Eng Lit departments. It was a great mini-trip except for one thing: the food! Every time we ate out, one of us was sick to our stomach or got a head ache. In Harvard Square we stopped at an "Au Bon Pain" for lunch. I had a sandwich and some yogurt and, without having finished either, got a desperate urge to throw up. I don't know what those Americans put in their food, but it's gross. Definitely, NY and (the old) New Orleans are the only places in the States where I have found good cuisine.

As for Harvard, the Com Lit department would most likely correspond better to my profile. Except, being Harvard, students are expected to know 4 languages. Therefore, and following the advice of the department's secretary who was extremely helpful and resourceful, I have registered for a Latin class at Concordia. Since I'm still officially doing the TESL certificate, I can register and get regular student prices. I would therefore have French and English as my fluent languages, Spanish as my "reading" language and Latin as my fourth. I must still research Universities. I haven't been doing enough of that lately...


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